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President Bukalapak Teddy Oetomo Beri Kesan & Pesan ke Willix Halim, Ini Lengkapnya

President Bukalapak (BUKA) Teddy Oetomo memberikan kesan dan pesannya kepada Willix Halim, yang disebutnya sebagai penggemar Mickey Mouse.
Rachmat Kaimuddin dan Willix Halim/Teddy Oetomo-LinkedIn.
Rachmat Kaimuddin dan Willix Halim/Teddy Oetomo-LinkedIn.

Bisnis.com, JAKARTA - PT Bukalapak.com Tbk. (BUKA) resmi menunjuk Willix Halim sebagai Direktur Utama dan CEO yang baru setelah disetujui oleh jajaran direksi, komisaris dan pemegang saham melalui Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham Luar Biasa (RUPSLB).

President Bukalapak Teddy Oetomo memberikan kesan dan pesannya kepada Willix Halim, yang disebutnya sebagai penggemar Mickey Mouse.

“Saya tidak bisa memikirkan orang lain yang lebih cocok untuk mengambil peran. Pencinta mickey mouse (ya, dia memang memakai t-shirt mickey mouse dan kami memiliki bukti untuk mendukung klaim itu) tidak diragukan lagi salah satu pemecah masalah terbesar yang saya tahu,” tulisnya dalam unggahan di LinkedIn, Rabu (16/2/2022).

Teddy juga menybut jika Willix adalah sosok yang suka berpikir out of the box, pragmatis dan cukup rendah hati. Bahkan Teddy juga membandingkan karakter dirinya dan Willix yang sangat berbeda.

“Dia [Willix) dibesarkan di dunia teknologi, saya membangun karir saya melalui jalur perusahaan. Dia inovatif sedangkan saya cenderung lebih konservatif. Tapi itu sebabnya kami bekerja sama dengan baik,” ucapnya.

Tak ketinggalan, Teddy juga memberikan apresiasinya kepada Natalia Firmansyah yang menjabat sebagai CFO Bukalapak, dan kepada dua sosok yang baru diangkat menjadi direktur yakni Howard G. dan Victor Putra L. Keduanya dinilai memiliki rekam jejak yang telah terbukti dan dipromosikan secara internal.

Teddy pun menggambarkan perjalanan Bukalapak yang telah berusia 12 tahun. Dia mengibaratkan Bukalapak sebagai siswa yang akan lulus dari sekolah menengah.

“Tahun kelulusan bukanlah garis akhir. ini adalah tahun ketika anak-anak muda melangkah ke fase berikutnya. Kami sekarang memiliki Willix untuk membawa kami ke babak baru itu,” tutur dia.  

Berikut petikan lengkap unggahan Teddy Oetomo di LinkedIn

New Captain in Town

CEO, President, President Director, and there are various other titles ranging to include likes of Managing Directors. Yes, it can be confusing to some. At the end, they are just titles. In a more mature company, the hierarchy are much clearer. But in a dynamic company like Bukalapak, we do not necessarily care about hierarchy, at least in top management. We are in this together.

Nonetheless, my greatest congratulations to Willix Halim, which today officially appointed as CEO of Bukalapak. I can’t think of anyone else more suitable to take up the roll. The mickey mouse lover (yes, he does wear mickey mouse t-shirt and we have proof to back that claim) is undoubtedly one of the greatest problem solvers I know. He thinks outside the box. He is pragmatic. Though not many have realized, he is actually quite humble. Why? Because if you show the evidence and logically prove that he is wrong, he will change his mind. That takes huge humility.

Though sometimes misunderstood, those who understand him generally likes and love him. A lot! Just ask our senior managements. Yes, he can annoy you when he wants something done (and that's to everyone, including all the C levels here). He will drill you with questions that make your head spin (and often at 1am in the morning). But more often than not, he will later proven to be on the correct side of the argument.

He is confident with his own ability. He shows no insecurity. Of course, that’s only until you ask him to be in some media event. Don't worry, we’ll get him out at least once a year to face the public though he probably freezes in the first minute. But that’s why I am here. We can’t be more different. He grew up in tech world, I built my career through corporate path. He is innovative while I tend to be more conservative. But that’s why we work well together. We also have a big sister that stands in between the two of us. Our secret weapon. The motherly figure of the three of us. Natalia Firmansyah

But one out of three means she may be out-voted (not that we dare to since she holds the bank token that pays all our salary). For that reason, we brought in two level minded directors (Howard G. and Victor Putra L.). Both have proven track records and they are promoted internally. Bukalapak actually has many more of those super-powered talents, though for now, we excuse them from being named in BoD.

12 years after being founded, we are now entering new chapter. As an individual, if we were born 12 years ago, today we’d be graduating from primary school. If we started school 12 years ago, today we’d be graduating from high school. Graduation year isn’t the finish line. it’s a year when youngsters move on to the next phase. We now have Willix to lead us into that new chapter.

Of course, in closing, please join me in thanking Rachmat Kaimuddin for all his great contributions. We have high hopes and keenly awaiting your contributions to our great nation!! (no pressure).

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