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Here's BRI Ventures Business Plans as BRI (BBRI) Injects More Capital
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Here's BRI Ventures Business Plans as BRI (BBRI) Injects More Capital

Bank BRI (BBRI) keeps injecting capital into its investment arm, BRI Ventures. How will the venture capital develop its business
Herdanang Ahmad Fauzan & Aprianto Cahyo Nugroho
Herdanang Ahmad Fauzan & Aprianto Cahyo Nugroho -
18 Februari 2022 | 19:25 WIB, JAKARTA – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk. (BBRI) keeps showing its aggressiveness to reach new financing areas. With BRI Ventures as one of its business arms, BBRI expands, disbursing large funds into various new sectors.

The venture capital is ready to raise its investment as the parent company disbursed Rp 145 billion in capital earlier this week. With this additional capital, plus investments from BRI Foundation, the company's total issued capital increased to Rp 1.66 trillion from Rp 1.51 trillion.

"BRI Ventures will be BRI Group's arm to access new technologies and innovations, as well as create strategic collaborations and synergies between the BRI Group and startups and ecosystems," BBRI Corporate Secretary Aestika Oryza Gunarto told Bisnis, Thursday (2/17/2022).

BBRi is in full control of BRI Ventures under PT BRI Ventura Investama (BVI). Referring to the latest disclosure filing, BBRI has a 99.97 percent stake in BVI, with BRI Employee Welfare Foundation holding the remaining 0.03 percent.

As capital flows continue, Aestika said that BVI may increase its investment portion outside the financial technology (fintech) startups in the future. However, most of BVI's portfolio has gone to financial startups until now.

This will continue as long as the target company also has added value that benefits BBRI's main business in the banking sector.

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